Access to Facebook – Something Collection

Now, all ISP from Viet nam is blocked access to

I googled, and found 1 way simple to access from VN use HOSTS file in your Windows. (with Mac OS, i still dont know how to !)

First, i want to explain about HOSTS file.

In your Windows, Host file in :

Windows 95/98/Me %systemroot%hosts

Windows NT/2000 %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Windows XP %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

In case u access to one URL, example is in your browser, Windows will check HOSTS file first, if your URL appear in HOSTS file, Windows will use correspondence IP in HOSTS file to connect, except any lookup to your DNS in your network.

And now, someone (i dont know who ^^) provide to our 1 IP address can use for Facebook from VN connection. This is is registered to Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC)

server location:

Fairfax in United States


Usenix/UUNET Technology Incorporated

Sure is now i still dont know more about this company : APNIC

One more problem, with some PC still not found HOSTS file, check sure u used correct location. If sure u right, u can download and copy this HOSTS file directly to your system folder (see my location list at top page)

Download Link :

How to configure HOST file to use facebook ?

– Press Windows + R, type or paste this : %systemroot%\system32\driver\etc (Winxp,win7,vista). Enter or OK

– Right Click to HOSTS file here, choose Properties

– Choose Security Tab,Choose Users, Choose Edit button and check to Full Control – Allow checkbox (Win7,vista) or check to Full control – Allow checkbox (Win XP)

– Open your HOSTS file by right click, choose open with, choose Notepad.

– Paste this one to your HOSTS file :

– Save and close. enjoy !

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